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January 26 2004

(SPOILER) Interview with the Vampire. David Boreanaz and Joss Whedon chat to TV Guide about Angel the series.

You might want to add a spoiler tag on the walk on part as well since it contains the link to this interview.
Perhaps Joss was deliberately over-simplifying, or the interview was edited in a certain way (not like that *ever* happens with TV guide)...but he seems to have missed the point about why A/C was so unpopular. While the lingering B/A thing did have an effect, the real problem was that A/C wasn't true to the show. ME loves to twist the stereotypes of the genre, and getting the leading male and female together just for the sake of having a romance after carefully building a real platonic relationship seemed too forced. (no offense is meant to those who enjoyed A/C obviously. Its all a matter of taste.)
I have said it before and I'll say it again...I'm a Buffy/Angel Shipper and could not be more pleased with David's last quote.
Joss is famously known for saying that he gives viewers (and maybe cast members like David?) "what they need, not what they want." I'm not a shipper of any stripe, although I would love to see Buffy and Angel end up together. Call me a sentimentalist, I don't care.
A/C is the only relationship other than Mal/Inara that I have been extremely passionate about. Sure, Buffy and Angel were a perfect couple, but that's just it - they were too perfect, too boring.

Angel & Cordy Forever!
It wasn't necessarily that the relationship was *wrong*, it was just executed spectacularly badly. It was working damn well without the actual admission of feelings. Towards the middle of 3rd season, and the sudden reintroduction of Groo, the constant, annoying gigantic hints of "kyrumption" was just too sacchrine for a show that exists mainly on the suffering of its subject. Sure, thematically, it was necessary to give Angel something he wanted so they could take it away and watch him flounder in season four, but it was introduced too quickly to hold any water.

I like the *idea* of Angel/Cordy, but hated the execution -it just felt wildly out of character.
I'm not big into shipping, and I'm certainly not sentimental. The idea of Buffy/Angel makes me nauseous. I think of them the same way Xander did in The Zeppo. Too much dramatics for me to ever take them that seriously.

Angel is too controling for Buffy, and Spike is WAY too needy. Riley was just a disaster. He was right, she does need some darkness. I say that Willow should introduce her to a nice warlock or something. She needs a human with some kind of superpower- and the idea of her and Connor would be way icky. So, Buffy and some unknown warlock guy- my OTP. ;)

For Angel, Cordy would be a good idea in theory. She's too snarky to let Angel take over, and it wouldn't bother him since she tempers everything with humor. Classic Cordy, that is. AtS3 Cordy- yeeeech. My favorite though was Angel and Human!Darla. Their personalities matched better for me, and they had a really interesting history. And I always thought that Angel's feelings for Buffy were at least partially mixed in with his leftover emotions regarding Darla.

That's how much of a non shipper I am. I always go for the relationships that would need dark magick spells to even get off the ground. Eh, go figure.
The Angel/Buffy interaction wasn't always ridiculously dramatic. My favorite interaction between the two of them was the quiet interchange under the tree at the cemetery after Joyce's burial. No histrionics, no huge dramatics. Just a quiet, solid connection. To me, anyway.
Yeah... but they were quiet. As soon as one of them opens their mouth, things start to go wonky.

Ever since this season started, I've been wondering how the post-apocalyptic phone call from Buffy to Angel went. From Angel's kind of sour expression when Spike asked where she was, I can imagine the conversation went like usual. But since Conviction, I did wonder exactly how much he knew about what went on in Sunnydale.
I hope this means that Cordy's return won't be marred by any C/A romantic blahness. I was always one of the torch holders in that scenario, though I agree that it wasn't due to B/A shippiness, but simply the fact that the C/A romance seemed fake, contrived, forced and way too sudden. I'm all for Angel getting some lovin' if the storyline is actually done well.

But ooooh, that TV Guide cover is fabulous! Much better than that hideous Angel/Spike one earlier in the year. Can't wait to pick it up.
Well, what the heck, just to throw in my two cents. I didn't have a problem with Cordy/Angel. Except that it won't work, for many of the same reasons that Angel/Buffy wouldn't work. Whether it's the curse or Angel thinking that the human girls need human boys or whatever.....something will happen to keep Angel alone.

I liked Angel/Buffy when it was going on, but now they've both moved on. Grown up. Their relationship was immature(on both parts). It was beautiful at the moment, but I don't think it was destined for longevity. They needed drama to sustain it, and eventually that's just gone(ok, in normal world, maybe not in tv world, cuz drama is always there).

But I predict that Buffy won't be with Angel in the end. Not Spike either, but I think Joss will want to keep the image of the lone wolf going(for both Buffy and Angel)

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Wow, I always believed Joss was BAngel, as is given in each of his statements. But this will damage what is already there. As it said there, Joss insinuates that the fans (of the show, I suppose) hated Cordy and Angel's relationship, and I say that's a lie! It's bad to group up the fans like that, we're not all BAngels. He should consider a little respect for the Spuffys, Corangels...All we have is a perfectly good and valid opinion that differs from his. It says that, for him, the love of Buffy and Angel is continuous (I am tired of the same thing over and over). Later, David says the same thing, more or less. He says that his relationship to Buffy is perfect, and in the end it will conquer (the love, I suppose), and I'm already tired. Pfft¡¡¡ There are many things that don't come in the interview, and that will do damage to the fans, or lessen them. I do not want Cordy to return to the series. She deserved a better deal from Joss and from the show in general. He could've fixed it if he had TRIED, but he didn't. I want what's best for her [Charisma]. While it would've pleased me to see Cordy and Angel together because they were a precious couple, but in short- it's Joss' loss. It's better for her not to return to Angel.if returns Charisma in Angel, can damage to the Fans de Cordy. Greetings ¡¡
I didn't get from that interview whether Joss was for Buffy/Angel or Cordy/Angel just that most fans hated it. Frankly, I never thought Angel and Cordy had the great chemistry that Buffy and Angel had. I did feel though that a great friendship was building between Angel and Cordy during season two where he cared for her deeply and maybe that could've grown into something but they just seemed to rush it and suddenly it seemed they were supposedly in love. It seemed to me in season three that Fred says something to Angel about it's obvious he's in love with Cordy and then, suddenly he is. I didn't see it or feel it. During the dream sequence when Angel is supposed to be making love to Cordy the chemistry between the two of them was awful, their body language was obvious that they both felt uncomfortable. Angel/David had a look on his face like Cordy/Charisma had the worst bad breath in the world!! It could've been because Charisma was pregnant in real life but it just didn't work for me. Compare that to any love scene between Angel and Buffy and you were right there with them. I also think that because David has been quoted many times as saying that Buffy is the love of Angel's life that maybe he had a hard time getting into the Angel/Cordy romance too.

As for Angel and Darla - they were great to watch anytime together and I wish there was a way they could bring Darla back again. I thought they had great chemistry as well that rivaled Buffy and Angel. Not necessarily a "love" connection but some deep connection regardless of all they've been through together.
I think Joss is B/A, although he has said that he regrets filming "I Will Remember You." But "Chosen" had plenty of BAngel (and Spuffy) moments.
"I will remember you"...loved that.
i'm glad they picked "hero" as a defining moment of angel.
doyle was the best character on angel, i can't believe he's gone still :/
Never was a huge fan of C&A although I did like how it explored the way the emotions of a close friendship can become the emotions of love or maybe just be confused with the emotions of love. What I remember is Greenwalt teasing the relationship before S3 in interviews and how a lot of fans were upset with just the idea of it. This storyline may have played better if the audiencce was allowed to sort out their emotions just like C&A had to. Just a thought.

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