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January 12 2012

CES 2012: Actress Eliza Dushku talks tech. Eliza reveals her gadget geekery.

Ditch the BB, Lady E :). It oes my geeky heart good to see so many 'Verse folk feeling out at CES, though.
I'd say ditch the iPhone. My HTC is so much better than an iPhone... :)
No shipping ;). Plus your HTC (which model?) has nothing to do with Eliza; if she ditches the iPhone she's left with arguably one of he worst Smartphones out there. RIM's share of new devices sold last quarter was six percent and HTC (who I used to be a huge, fan of) lowered their guidance on a twenty-six percent drop in profits. Yes, I'm a mobile nerd :).
My last posts on Whedonesque have "Why Margaret Thatcher was great" and now "Why the iPhone sucks"
Tomorrow, "Why I set fire to orphanages" and "Global warming? Yes please!"

/HTC Desire.

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