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January 11 2012

Nathan Fillion is the People's Choice. He won the award for 'Favorite TV Drama Actor'. Neil Patrick Harris won the Comedy Actor award.

The People have taste - a welcome revelation. I heartily approve.
Because he's fabulous.
Clearly didn't need to spill it out, we all knew!
I think I know why Neil didn't word Dr Horrible okay that's two, but I'm convinced he was playing something for Bad Horse, like the microphone to explode when Captain Hammer wins his award, unfortually something went wrong and nothing happened, boy is he in trouble with Bad Horse.
"Cue the music". I love that his speech was sweet and succinct. Way to go, Cappy.
And Neil did a hilarious bit in the opening, David and Alyson presented (not together), and How I Met Your Mother won. It was a very Whedon-y night.
Plus, could Alyson and Alexis be ANY cuter?
Love this shot of Alyson and Alexis with his hand on her pregnant belly.
This is so awesome. Sorry I missed the moment.
I Love My Captain

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