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January 12 2012

The Death of Buffy. An essay looking at the experience of seeing The Body and positioning it in an historical context.

Wasn't it Xander who had the Babylon 5 commemorative plates, not the Trio? I mean, assuming Babylon 5 commemorative plates existed in universe, it wouldn't be surprising that the Trio had them too....
Also there were some spelling errors -- though admittedly it's almost impossible to spell Straczynski right.

ETA: I don't want to knock the link too much. Decent history, though I'd seen this idea posited before.

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Fairly awesome Twitter nod for the article (and Whedonesque.)

I do find it fairly hard to believe that Babylon 5 was the first to have such a strong continuous narrative in anything but what the US would call a mini-series. The episodic nature of TV surely makes it an obvious path to follow. Did it really take until the 90's for someone to realise this?

I have to say, I can't think of any US shows off the top of my head that had anything besides fairly slow and mostly inconsequential character arcs.

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