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January 12 2012

The inside story of what happened to the Buffy and Firefly MMO developer. A fascinating read about the closure of Multiverse. And if you're wondering about the Buffy and Firefly games, the rights have reverted back to 20th Century Fox.

The cancellation apparently came as the result of “an unexpected legal issue from a completely unexpected quarter. It was arcane and odd and tragic.”

This, about Firefly, The one thing we really want to know and they aren't saying.
Yeah, someone get on that.
Universal told me they owned the video game rights.
Could it mean that Universal intervened because they felt the MMO could possibly infringe their rights to Serenity?
gossi - I was too late. :-) Thanks for confirming that.
Universal told me they owned the video game rights.

That wouldn't be unexpected would it? I wonder if it was an actor refusing permission like what happened with the cancelled Buffy tarot cards.
Universal would fit more with "arcane" than an actor, though, I'd think. Because the relationship of 20th's rights and Uni's rights always was that.
Yes, it rivals who exactly owns the rights to the character of Buffy.
The actors may have had likeness rights and such too - I have no idea. Joss also has veto rights over anything Firefly and Serenity branded I heard.

I know Universal had video game rights as they were actively trying to sell the rights when the Firefly MMO was announced.

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Of course, speaking of arcane, I'm sure the lawyers would have debated "video game" versus "MMO".
There's was an official Flash game for the movie and one for mobile phones from what I recall.
Ah yes, the mobile game where you shot lasers from Serenity.
Deleting my theory because I think the Universal theory is best.

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It's probably the Universal thing since actor's likeness rights wouldn't be involved since the MMO was only set in the Firefly universe rather than on Serenity. Definitely not big enough to scuttle that project.
I just created a Smuggler in The Old Republic. Sadly Mal and Malcolm were already taken on my server, but maybe people will get it if they see Captain Malkolm Reynalds.

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