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January 12 2012

The Cabin in the Woods to open SXSW festival. With added jossness. Film pass holders get to see it a month early.

Dumb linked site redirects to index on mobile. Hate that. If anyone else has issues, here's the SXSW announcement itself.
Swapped links. Cheers.
Well, the $500 film badge may be a little steep for me to consider doing this one, but I'm glad the film is getting some awesome exposure between BNAT and now this.

Unrelatedly: do we happen to know the budget for Cabin? The number $30 mil is rattling around in my head, but I could be thinking of something else.
The panel Joss is doing afterwards MUST be recorded somehow!
No Goddard? I was waiting for him. Ah well, anyone here going? Usually we would do a special thread for such events but the cost will no doubt put off many.
I'll be there! I'll do my best to cover it if I don't pass out from excitement :)
I was more than excited to see this. I'd done the SXSW film festival 5 years ago, and went to see about getting a badge, and the price is 3 times what it was then. Sigh. Oh well. Maybe I'll run into Joss on the street like I did last year with Felicia. So excited for him and for the exposure for Cabin. I don't know if Joss has ever been to Austin before.
The talk is listed for 11am on Saturday.

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