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January 13 2012

Joss Whedon - "The Avengers is seen through one superhero's eyes". Find out who it is in this Entertainment Weekly interview.

I remember Joss saying Serenity was Mal's story told through River's eyes, so I guess similar tactics would be used here.
My thoughts exactly Sigfodr. I just posted this elsewhere, spoilering just in case since I dont' know whats still a spoiler to some about this movie vs what isn't:

I hope you're wrong, Eddy, simply because I want to believe Joss has more than one film in him. :)
This didn't come as any surprise to me, and probably not to many of us who know his work. I think if you gave the subject any thought at all, it's totally Joss.
Yeah, once I read the headline I immediatly thought of the Cap. Just makes sense when you know Joss's style of storytelling. Doesn't mean it'll be so overtly comparable to Serenity as the characters are very different, but this is his style.
And it makes sense from any writer's perspective. Cap is new to the world, and telling the story from his point of view gives you the opportunity to reintroduce all those characters that shouldn't be in the same room but are.

Also, as a fan of comics, I would say that Cap is the one character I was most concerned about representing on screen. Everyone else is easy enough, but Cap is nuanced and conflicted in a more emotional way than anyone in this story. I was nervous about giving Evans the shield, but it worked, and if this story is told from his side, it will inevitably give more insight into his character, and that character will need all the help he can get.
So is that scene of Captain America's awakening in the upcoming film also? Either the article was unclear or I am being lazy, possibly both. Just want to know how to see that scene because it sounds neat.
@will.bueche - The scene they talk about with Captain America waking up in New York comes at the end of 'Captain America', right before the credits (a teaser trailer for The Avengers comes after the credits.) I am not one hundred percent sure, but the final shot/line makes be pretty certain that the sequence was written and directed by Whedon.

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The scene of Cap's awakening was at the end of Captain America so I don't think it will be in the Avengers. Or did you mean something else?
I'm just throwing this out there but how much do you wanna bet the S.HI.E.L.D. agent from all of the Marvel movies so far (no clue what his name is) gets killed in The Avengers?
Without have read the article or the comments, I'm going to guess Captain America because he's the naif.
@leafblown - Agent Phil Coulson. I hope not. I like him (death warrant signed). The actor is in the "Much Ado" Joss made, as well. So are Fran Kranz, Amy Acker, and Alexis Denisof. I'm sure he'll be fine in Avengers.

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Apparently the final scene of Captain America was directed by Joe Johnston. Hence it being before rather than after the end credits.
Based on Joss doing some script doctoring I think it's safe to say his fingerprints are all over the downbeat ending of Captain America. Which was fantastic.

Really hope they start to amp up the marketing on this, we're 4 months away and it still feels like that guy in the batsuit is getting a lot more info and hype out there than our team of misfits. Anyone know when a new trailer is due?
That would be a very good call.
Maybe we're taking Joss too figuratively.

The studio might release special 3D glasses that resemble Chris Evans' face, in which case everyone would be seeing the movie through Cap's eyes.

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