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January 14 2012

Weekend sale on digital Angel comics. 99 cents per issue.

PS. Issue 15 &1 6 belongs to a Buffy/Angel crossover so don't buy them unless you can read them together with issue 29 & 30 of the original Buffy series.

What's the general opinion of the original Angel comic books? It's very 90s art for me.
I enjoyed them at the time, but to be honest don't feel that they hold up very well. Still there's some fun stuff in there--I mean, how many stories with Doyle do we have?
From what I recall, I like them, but I don't love them. They don't compare to ATF, Season 8, Tales of the slayer/vampires and such.

They're nice "what if" stories, but if they had been sold as canon, I'd whine about it.
I liked the DH Angel comics? Not earth-shattering good, but I thought of them as nice 'Season 1 standalone episodes.

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