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January 15 2012

SMG to present award at Golden Globes on Sunday. This will be her first appearance at this ceremony since her nomination for Best Actress in a Drama for BTVS in 2001.

I wish she was a nominee again. And it'd be great if she won.
Sarah was nominated for Buffy? I didn't know that (or forgot). Well, good to hear, that the show and people involved in it, got at least some well deserved acknowledgement.

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I have forgotten, is her own show still alive?
Its not canceled yet.
Ringer returns on The CW on January 31st. The show was the first new series this season to be picked-up for a full season order. The CW and its parent CBS signed a deal to show Ringer, Heart of Dixie, Unforgettable, and a few other series at almost the same time as the American network broadcast. So instead of the annoying six month delay, with BtVS in the old days, viewers in the UK, Australia, Spain, and The Middle East are watching Ringer at the same time. It is a bright idea as it decreases the chance of audience erosion in these countries due to online streaming from pirate sites. The deal may have one other advantage in that the producing studio has an alternate source of income in order to offset the cost of production for the series. The entire CW network has less than 3 million viewers for its top rated show. If the Nielsens ratings were the only determinating factor in show survival -- the network would cease to exist.
Just saw Sarah on the Red Carpet show. Very sweet and funny (Freddy is home watching football). Her dress is kind of a tie-dye creation which she let her 2-year-old pick out for her (but she still manages to look beautiful): "Wear this, mommy". Haha.
She's been trending on Twitter for the last 15 minutes or so. Was top trend for about 5 of that.
Here's SMG from the red carpet.
Great pic of Morena in that gallery Buffyfanatic linked.
Sarah looks radiant; it's great to see her smile. That dress is beautiful!
And her daughter picked it! That's some great taste so early.

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