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January 15 2012

Firefly Drinking Songs: a new CD by Bedlam Bards and Marc Gunn. A collection of Firefly-inspired live-recorded songs, including "Hush Little Citizen" and Marian Call's "It's Good to Have Jayne on Your Side", as well as some completely new pieces, is now available in CD and MP3 format.

The album was apparently released near the end of 2011, but I never saw this reported anywhere.

They seem to have misspelled "Reaver".
Yeah, seems that the did. How...awkward. Though they're not alone, since I have a Aerosmith "Gold" compilation double album on CD where one of the song titles a media program like iTunes reads as "Head Frist" instead of "Head First" the first time it sees the song file ;D
It's a good Album, very singalongable. -Yes, that is a word... now.

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