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January 16 2012

Sarah Michelle Gellar glows at the Golden Globe Awards 2012 Red Carpet. Is the first time Gellar steps on there, since she was nominated for Best Performance by an Actress in a Television Series - Drama, in 2000. And pics of Morena Baccarin on the Red Carpet can be found here.

I absolutely love this dress and think she looks fabulous in it. Was just looking at a bunch of pictures from the the Golden Globes where they are grading the dresses and they gave this dress an "F".

People in the comments section were mostly loving the dress and thought it was beautiful.

Morena is a beauty but can't say I like her dress.
That dress is stunning.
I love the dress too. It's very whimsical. And Morena is stunning.
Its a really nice dress. She looks great.
The dress is stunning. different but a flattering cut and a great use of colour. I would love to wear that over some of the dresses they gave an A.

Don't like Morena's dress though.
I love Katy's bikinis. :-DDD

Sarah is also beautiful as always, btw. ;-) But I have to say that I like it more, when women have their hair loose. After all, it's not called "the crown of beauty" without reason, so I prefer it to be visible and not hidden in plait or cut (which, on the other hand, I admit is more practical).
I love Sarah's dress, she looks lovely!

Morena is always beautiful, but I agree; I don't like her dress.
People talked so bad about this dress but I think she's looks so beautiful, in the After Party she used a jacket (or something like a jacket) on it in the best Prophecy Girl style :D
Betcha if the critics of her dress knew about this they'd be changing their tune.
I think she looks beautiful -- I love her hair especially in that long ponytail and she looks glowing and healthy -- but the dress is not working for me. Not the fault of the dress itself, which is lovely, but it's so big and grand and she's so tiny... it's like it's wearing her instead of the right way round.

Morena looks beautiful, though I think her dress could be better. I love everything about it except the sheer front panels, sigh.
I like Sarah's dress, and she looks really good.

About Morena, I really don't like her haircut, I wish she'd go back to the longer hair, she was so gorgeous in Firefly !
Cute kid or not, I think that dress is hideous. She looks beautiful though!
Pah. I like it. It's... fun.
They both looked beautiful, as always der!
zombiecow, I heard that about the dress on radio last night or this morning and was going to post it, so it was good to see you had a documentary reference.
I thought both dresses were excellent choices. SMG's known for being fashion forward but the Golden Globes are the Golden Globes, why not let the little one pick? I liked the story, too, about her husband being Mr. Golden Globe long ago (unfortunately, not the first one as she had thought, but pretty close!). Morena has always loved the more severe style of gowns and she has the figure for them, so why not?

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