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January 16 2012

Abigail Spencer signs on for Joss Whedon's next movie. Vulture says it's a secret project but could it be "In Your Eyes"?

Yeah, seems pretty definitely to be In Your Eyes. Supernatural romance shooting in February... Unless Joss has more than one of those planned, that seems to be the only option. Hooray!
Maybe it is Goners! Granted he never described that as a supernatural romance, but scripts change...
Oh... he didn't tell us first? I'm just gonna... sit over there and pout.
In Your Eyes is a metaphysical love story about two seemingly polar opposites who are deeply connected in ways neither could have ever imagined.

I love the sound of it! I wonder who'll be Spencer's partner in the movie.
Until we find out more, I'm associating the movie with "I Only Have Eyes for You". It's the way my mind works.
Heh, at first I thought it's that girl from Little Miss Sunshine, Zombieland, Signs etc. But it seemed kind of wierd that she played the role of a someone's mistress on Mad Men (I don't whatch that show) - and then I remembered that the Abigail I was thinking about is named "Breslin". :-)

Anyway, welcome to the Whedonverse, miss Spencer. :-)
Seems like this might actually come out this year then. Wonder if there'll be any progress on DH2. 5 Whedon films in one year... that would be pushing our luck, right?
Abigail is a local girl here in the Pensacola area, and she's supposed to be shooting a film here this summer (though not this one, unfortunately). This is exciting!
I really liked her on Mad Men. Sounds like a cool project too--the world needs more Jossy romances ... but maybe this one will come without the sudden brutal death scene? :-P
Simon, we're on the same wavelength. I never bother to/don't want to learn more about this project, so I immediately think of heart-bashing, gender-reversed Buffy/Angel.
I'll never stop being surprised by reporters who don't bother to check Google to see if something they are reporting is already known. They tweeted this as they'd "learned that Joss Whedon's next film will be a supernatural romance". The casting is news, but all the reporter had to do was this to see stories from October on the film itself.
Also, you can follow her on Twitter.
I like the commenter assuming the other commenter was being sarcastic. What a world we live in.
Meanwhile, waiting for people to jump on "the most romantic film in the history of time" the way they jumped on "the horror film to end all horror films, literally".
She was dreamy in Mad Men, which doesn't have a whole lot of characters who are as dreamy on the inside as they look on the outside. She projected a great deal of warmth.
"The most romantic film in the history of time"??? Hmm..time travel story perhaps?
The scale of these projects excite me. In a healthy way.
"The most romantic film in the history of time"??? Hmm..time travel story perhaps?

I'll go out on a limb and say that critics will call the movie Joss Whedon's Doctor Who.
The prospect of another new Joss project makes me happy.
Was kinda hoping his next movie title would have included the word Serenity and the number 2. Oh well.....

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