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January 18 2012

(SPOILER) Preview pages for Buffy Season 9 # 6. It's the first part of the next arc which is two issues.

I have this overwhelming and unexpected feeling that they're actually going to do justice to history's coolest Slayer.

Rock on, Nikki.
I think it's interesting how Nikki did the Cruciamentum while pregnant and seems to respect the test as part of the mission of being the Slayer.
Kairos: I'm right there with you. I have a very good feeling about this, based on the preview!
Great preview. Btw, is it just me or these previews are coming earlier and earlier each time?
Looks good. And they left it on a cliffhanger too:

" In the meantime will you at least tell me..."

Tell him what?!
It was good. Nikki rocked her test. I love the detail in the panels on how she defeated that vamp. It's well done. She's captured well here.
@tranquility: Wanna bet that the question Nikki's Watcher is asking her, that trails off to the next page will be picked up by somebody from the present asking Buffy "Who's the father?"
I am gonna guess that that's not the question Buffy will be getting on the next page, but there's almost no doubt that that's the device they'll use. It'll either be the same question Nikki was getting asked or it will be a jump into something unrelated. But I'm guessing that her Watcher wasn't choosing that exact moment to decide to look at Nikki's abdomen and asking "who is your daddy, and what does he do?"
I thought it harked back to Blade! Good find, Craig Oxbrow!
I personally loved the preview pages. Something about it is really compelling...probably because it's Nikki. :)
Uh, this is a little disturbing: Nikki taking the sedatives while pregnant.

The inhibitors didn't allowed the slayer strength to pass to Robin? And Buffy will not take any and her child will have it?

Pregnant women are a beacon of smell for vampires.
That vampire seemed very Fray-like.
Interesting that Vampires will be able to smell a pregnancy though I guess it makes sense. I was also surprised that Nikki took sedatives while pregnant but I guess her slayerness probably chemically protected Robin. I cannot wait for the next issue!
Hmm, well I guess if they're doing the Pregnant Badass with Nikki they might take a less stereotypical route with Buffy...

As much as Nikki seemed cool, I'm really not interested in her. When we get so few pages of comics a month I would rather they were spent with the scoobs in the present than revisiting the past.

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