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January 19 2012

Jewel Staite: Firefly's Kaylee vs. Stargate's Keller - who'd win? Very funny blog post from Jewel Staite over at blastr.

I especially love her referencing Morena.

That was indeed very funny.

However, just a warning, I got a security alert (from Microsoft Security Essentials; about a trojan) when I went to her own website/blog, i.e. the one linked in the story. It wasn't clear if the trojan was from her website or not but thought I'd warn people nonetheless.
Funny! And hey, she's back in Vancouver, one of the great towns (where my step-son and his wife lives). Love that city!
"Basically, I'd rather do something half-assed. No pun intended. Oh, who am I kidding ... Pun always intended."

Very funny.
She cracks me up, always :) Fun blog post.

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