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January 19 2012

Happy Birthday, Buffy. The slayer would be 31 today.

Happy Birthday, B. It doesn't seem like you should be this old (or maybe I don't want to think I'm so old). In any case, many happy returns. ;)
I need to go buy a cake... Happy birthday, Buffy!
Happy birthday Buffy! Hopefully nothing unfortunate befalls you!
The other day, my wife and I were discussing when something happened, and to put it in perspective, I said, that was when Buffy's last season was on. And neither one of us could believe it's been that long--9 years off the air!
Since when was she born on the 19th of Jan? Her School Record in S1 states otherwise...
When I read "Happy Birthda, Buffy" I hear Drusilla's voice saying it.
"The important thing is that I kept up my special birthday tradition of gut-wrenching misery and horror."
Happy Birthday, Buffster!!
Winchester, I believe the corrected version of her birthday was established because the first episode featuring a birthday for her, Surprise, was originally aired on January 19th. I'm fairly certain the show confirmed this at some other point, too, though.

In the first season, they mess up lots of age stuff, including listing Buffy as a senior at one point.
Happy Birthday, Buffy!
Happy Birthday Buffy :D
Oh, and I was super excited with Buffy's first birthday because we shared it but then they had to go and change it D:
Didn't she decide not to celebrate her birthday anymore ?
It'd be surprising if she actually lived to 31, when you think about it.
I'm fairly certain the show confirmed this at some other point, too, though.

Buffy tells Riley in 'Doomed' that her star sign is "Capricorn on the cusp of Aquarius": that's a period of about a week in late January of which the 19th is right in the middle.
Mitholas, I can't recall the exact quote or what episode it came from, but your comment reminded me of Buffy's wistful line about how being a slayer is like how it's like coming from a line of short order cooks who only make it to 25.
But since Buffy is still alive (and making her way through season 9), she is, not would be, thirty-one.
The comics aren't set in our time. She's about 24/25 in season nine.
^she's only about 24 or 25 in the comics though, if I'm not mistaken.

Edit: hit the reply button just as Jaymii posted.

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I see. But I was discussing the wording "would be" (she "would be 31 today"), which makes it sound as if she's dead. As in: "My friend Anastasia would be 27 today had she not had that run-in with the rabid squirrels."
I think the "would be" might refer to "she would be 31 if she were real" :)

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