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January 20 2012

(SPOILER) Video interviews with Steven S. DeKnight et al about "Spartacus: Vengeance." From the red carpet premiere at the Cinerama Dome this past Wednesday night.

"Buffy"/"Angel" alumnus Steve DeKnight created "Spartacus," which is now (according to the show folks) going into its second season, because the season that ran last year was actually a prequel to the whole series, rather than being season two (understanding time travel is easier for me). "Spartacus: Vengeance" premieres Fri. Jan. 27 on Starz in the US.

Steven has really hit pay dirt with this series, I'm caught line, hook, and sinker. Really looking forward to his story towards season two. Those Joss' writers are certainly a creative bunch!
I'm right there with you Madhatter. I can't wait to see the direction they take things this season.
Steven was the first person to show up for the red carpet, early, and made sure to talk with everyone.
The show is on my LoveFilm queue, I think I'll bump it up to High Priority.
I hate Starz new online policy. No more Netflix deal, no Amazon VOD. Unwatchable without cable until sometime after the series airs.
How long does it take to come out on DVD? In the UK, the DVD usually comes within a month of the last episode airing. Sometimes within a week.
I don't know if it is available everywhere, but xfinity OnDemand has the first episode of Spartacus season two now. Watched it last night, and it was great! I miss Andy Whitfield of course, but the season is off to a good start.

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