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January 20 2012

(SPOILER) Dichen Lachman talks Being Human and... Firefly? Report from a conference call in support of Being Human, so mostly about that show. Includes a brief mention of wanting to be in a scifi-western.

Note: I don't watch Being Human, so I marked this as spoilers just in case. Anyone who does, please let me know if it's safe to remove the spoiler tag.

The way the article reads, she's not the only person on Being Human who wishes FF would come back. Interesting.... as in "Oh God Oh God I wish the PTB were Listening!"
The One True B!X, as Dichen Lachman's character hasn't appeared yet, I think anything she says about the character would probably be a spoiler. (Although I suppose anyone who's seen the first episode of the new season may have a guess as to who she plays.)
Dichen Lachman for Firefly spin-off! Everybody, let's help Dichen to buy Firefly! :-D ;-)

And if that's too much of a bold idea, I'll settle for the next best thing - Dichen in a live adaptation of Fray. :-)
The art of being human hasn't been mastered as of yet, at least, from what I've seen. However, we're trying to get it right. One step in front of another....

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