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January 21 2012

Poll - What's your favourite recent tv series/movie that features vampires? With Angel and "Sorry, but it has to be Buffy all the way" among the options.

David Tennant made Fright Night totally worth it.
Yes, that was a better of the first.
I'm pleasantly surprised Twilight is ranked so low.
Yes, that is uplifting. The Vampire Diaries deserves to rank higher, imho - but of course I couldn't not vote for Buffy.
if we can just beat "I'm not a fan of any of these" I'll be happy.

And not just because Buffy would then win.
I voted for Buffy, of course. Angel is a very close second for me; my husband and I first bonded over Angel geekery, so it was tough not to pick Angel, but Buffy is still the queen of my heart (well, she shares it with Xena, actually, but close enough :))
Voted for "it has to be Buffy" :)
What's more bizarre than that Buffy is not a recent TV show, is what is in the lead just now when I voted:

I'm not a fan of any of these movies or TV series.
1777 (23.6%)

So high stats for no opinion and nothingness. And of course I voted Buffy, which is #2 in the poll.
Buffy is now #1, by about 50 votes. Keep it up team!

I also share the joy that Twilight is ranked so low (after Angel even, which got my vote).
Yup, just voted ("it has to be Buffy") and it's in the lead.
Sorry, The Vampire Diaries for me.
Voting seems to be closed, would have voted for Buffy, followed by Angel and then True Blood.
I guess Ultraviolet is now considered "classic" television.

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