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January 23 2012

Empire covers for The Avengers. I often wonder which covers end up selling the most (or are produced in the most quantities).

Gotta get them all?
I get my Empire diigitally. When they did multiple Batman covers a few months ago digial subscribers got both covers and the subscribers special, so hopefully will be the same with this!
The subscribers' cover looked nice but I do like the individual covers as a montage.
Aren't the Ironman and Thor covers all reused from the banners that were released a few months back? Ugh. I hate reused pics. Batman got new pics for his Empire covers!
As I was reading this article about The Hunger Games, it got me to thinking about the Avengers. I know that this is how blockbusters work--you build a ton of hype, everyone goes to see the film, mission accomplished. But maybe it would serve both of these films if different approaches were taken. Then again, Hollywood has needed to change strategies on multiple fronts for years now.

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