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January 23 2012

SFX Magazine's Top 50 Vampires of 2012. The Buffyverse vampires stormed the poll three years ago. Found out how the likes of Darla, Harmony, Vampire Willow, Angel/Angelus and Spike fared this time round.

Doesn't surprise me. The important thing is Twilight doesn't appear until No. 8 (still too high).
Well it's nice to see that the Buffyverse is still holding its own. Kudos to The Vampire Diaries. And this be my 15,000 comment here.
Still undead and strong.
And this be my 15,000 comment here.

In a sign of the changing times, the next 15,000 will be dominated by The Vampire Diaries. :)
Nice! Congrats on 15K Simon!

Pretty good list I guess, Barnabas was still hanging(!) in there. Can't believe Miriam fell off!! Boo to that. Loved Drusilla's blurb. Also agreed with the Blade appreciation. He's the only (non-'verse) vamp that I allowed to be displayed with my BtVS figures.
Can't disagree with the number one pick. He really is Spike 2.0. :)
Nice list. A bit miffed Spike isn't nr 1, but still.

But I wouldn't say that Vampire Willow "was our Willow without the crippling self-doubt and with a flesh-hugging outfit straight out of a S&M fetishist’s wardrobe." To be perfectly honest, from what we saw, they didn't have much in common. Except for the lesbian-ish stuff.

I nitpick, I know.

I really like the Angelus-comment in Stefan Salvatores text. Makes me very curious about what I've missed on TVD.

I'm glad Alice from Twilight placed so high. She's the best character in the books(I haven't seen much of the movies). I know, I know, not much competition. I did like the story, but not many of the characters.
I burned through TVD S1 and S2 on Netflix in about 9 or 10 days, then immediately caught up to broadcast via Hulu and Amazon. That show tears through story like you wouldn't believe.
At least our boys beat The Sparkly One.
Our "fanged"-pires are still going strong after 8 years. Let's see the current top two how will they rank in 5 years
I'll say it a bit different cause I just have to.

If Damon=Eric=Spike, then Spike=1 & Angel=2

Seriously, these are my four favs. I cannot wait to see Damon kick some but.
Spike was my first vampire love, but Damon is joining him in my heart. The Vampire Diaries is one of the fastest moving series on TV. I was sorry Elijah did not make this list, like him much better than Klaus, but Klaus is very bad-ass.
I love Elijah more then Klaus. He has that hot, mean, brainy look and personality.

Simon, congrats!!!!
Put me in the Elijah > Klaus team. I still want Klaus in the list but can't believe Elijah isn't there.

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