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January 23 2012

In honor of Buffy's 15th anniversary, starts reviewing series. Looks like there will be a post each Monday on the site.

I've been fighting the urge to do a re-watch of BtVS (seasons 1-4, then skipping around the last 3 seasons) recently, maybe because it's like 2012 is going to be all Joss, all the time. This bloggy retrospective is not helping me fight it.
dottikin, have you heard of Mark Watches? Because that also will REALLY not help you fight the urge. The extra fun part? He hasn't seen it before and has been unspoiled.
I like the way they discuss how S-1 related to the film. I've always thought both the Logan's Run and Private Benjamin TV series would have been better if, instead of re-hashing and dumbing down the movies to set up the series, if they'd just gone with it and done them as Logan's World and Corporal Benjamin.

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