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January 23 2012

Jeremy Jahns reviews Dollhouse. One of the most famous YouTube reviewers make a six-minute comment on how much love he has invested in it. Holy cow!

Great review, thanks for posting! This really makes me want to do a(nother) re-watch of the show right now! Man, I really miss watching it and waiting for new episodes, grrr.
I did a bit of a rewatch recently - it's really interesting seeing season two back to back. It's actually largely great.
We recently started a Dollhouse retrospective podcast for our rewatch because it's so much fun to talk about the series with other fans.
Aren't "famous" and "youtube reviewer" on the opposite end of the spectrum?
It depends on your frame of reference.
On a whim, I started re-watching the show too, starting with "Man on the Street." I'm already into the 2nd season, and I'd forgotten how good the show was. The character arc of Topher alone is pretty transfixing.
I thought it was hard to judge Dollhouse relative to other Whedon shows as it was airing, but now I've re-watched it twice (or is it three times? surely it can't be four?) and can view it from more distance. I've decided that Buffy is the only show that I'm sure that I love more. For me, Dollhouse is up there with Firefly. Sure, it's more flawed, but there's something to the show that just makes it special. I think we should give Fox more appreciation (I almost wrote love) for giving us a second season and some closure to the show.
Am I the only one that found his review unwatchable? stop moving so much guy!

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