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January 23 2012

(SPOILER) 'Avengers' producer Kevin Feige addresses villain rumours with spoilers about the big bad.

Aaaarg! No skrulls? That gives me a sad. Still . . .

I wonder who the alien race is gonna be!! Anyone???
tension rising ^^
There were six other relms....
I was really hoping for the skrulls. I hope whatever the army is that it makes for a good story.(How could it not, we're talking Joss Whedon here)
I think with Loki as the main villain, the skrulls would not get done justice. They could support their own story line with a set-up over time, evening playing the "Who's a Skrull" game over the course of the the next set of movies. I think i'd be great if we found out in "Avengers 2" that Tony Stark was a Skrull throughout Iron Man 3, or something like that.

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