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"Why paint a bison if it's dead? When did you choose the color red?"
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January 23 2012

Interview with Alyson Hannigan. She talks about S7 of HIMYM, American Reunion film and babies.

Still rather see her in drama.
I still think comedies are dead. The only one I watch now is "Big Bang Theory." I've tried several of the others, including HIMYM, and...I don't care for any of them.

I really can't understand the appeal of shows like "The Office" or "Parks & Rec." And the "Animation Domination" on Sunday on FOX turns my stomach.

I'm glad Alyson is still working, and that she loves her role & the show is popular. It's just not my cuppa.
From the article: "BUFFY THE VAMPIRE’s Willow Rosenberg"

What a very different show...
DreamRose311, "Buffy the Vampire," the parallel universe show. Haven't you seen it? Giles is a mechanic who guides Buffy based on hieroglyphics he deciphers in exhaust fumes, Angel is a leprechaun, Oz is a were-squid ... it's great! I see the title error has been corrected within the article.
Shapenew, do you have it?! Can I borrow it? It sounds wonderful. Except maybe Angel as a leprechaun... unless he sounds a bit different from Liam ;o)

Ah, curse their editing powers
They always say sitcoms or fill-in-the-blank-with-your-choice-of-genre are dead. *rolls eyes* They are never dead, just sleeping and awaiting fresh ideas and chemistry.

I wish I could get the Carol Burnett Show on DVD for a reasonable price. I'd LOVE to see it again. My most favorest outtake that I save for when I'm really feeling down and need a pick-me-up: Tim Conway's Elephant Story. (Watch to the end and don't read the comments.)
I actually think sitcoms are pretty good right now. Parks and Recreation, Community and 30 Rock are all really great sitcoms on NBC, absurdist and hilarious. Modern Family (which I don't consistently watch, but most because I haven't gotten around to catching up on DVD) is really funny. And Louie on FX is experimental and funny and weird, really hitting its stride in its 2nd season.

I'm not much of a fan of animated sitcoms, except for The Venture Bros., which is finally coming back for its fifth season. Eventually. But there are a ton out there that do have ardent fans. TV comedies compared to, say, movie comedies are in great shape. If only Community doesn't get canceled...
I watched the first episode of HIMYM the other day online (have no tv, live in dark ages) and it raised a smile or two but I wasn' like OMG havetawatch. I can't really get over AH playing a different character tbh, I think I've just watched too much Buffy in my lifetime. It's like your best friend just changes character and starts dating guys, I'm like, huh???
Resumes dating guys. ;)

A couple years ago I watched the first episode and had the same reaction as you. Several months later I watched the second episode out of boredom and it was better, by the third I was hooked. So, I suggest giving it another shot. You may be surprised, like I was.
Comedies take a while to find their voice. I mean, look at Cougar Town! That was literally a different show for the first few episodes.
I love Cougar Town's tagline for this season: Good Comedy, Bad Title. I love that they're constantly making fun of how the show started :oD It's almost Penny Can time!!
Other than HIMYM (which I started with on DVDs before I moved to a room with cable, and absolutely adore,) I'ven't successfuly gotten into other recent sitcoms. Some folks at my work bought me a full set of the first 5 seasons of The Office; I watched the first disc, didn't get the point, never watched another, and left the set behind when I moved because that room had bedbugs and I could only take certain things. I've tried Mike and Molly Two Broke Girls soem others but nothing grabs me, either.

If I were a modern-day Sam Goldwyn, my people would be on the horn with Aly's people about non-comedy roles all the time. Bridgid O'Sahugnessy, Cousin Miriam (with age makeup, of course,) but she's too old to do Adrienne Rolfe now.
The Office is pretty bad for the first season. At least not what it grows into for season two and three. It goes downhill again after that as all the talent goes over to Parks and Rec.

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