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January 24 2012

Smell like a superhero. Avengers cologne collection coming soon.

When Captain America throws his deadly... smell? Rarely do my fandoms - All Things Whedon & perfume-y stuff - collide so violently.

Link is to the JADS fragrance site directly - it's also been covered at io9 and NextMovie.

Captain America smells like lime and tequila? That does not seem right.
And why would you have unusual and rare materials used for the Hulk? Wouldn't he just "Smash" them?
; ]

And I think all of 'em - not just The Hulk & Thor - should have at least a touch of musk.

Oddly, the Avenger's Cologne Set doesn't note Loki's "Mischief" or Nick Fury's "Infinity Formula" elsewhere on the site: they can be accessed here.

Strange not to have a Black Widow fragrance - now that I might actually check out.

Query: Do people actually buy these things? I've seen Spiderman kinda perpetually remaindered at - I'm not being snarky, I've just never heard of anyone I know buying fragrance this way...
I don't use perfume, but for some reason comic book inspired cologne sounds awesome. Damn my femaleness. But alcohol scent for Captain America? isn't he suppose to be all wholesome? A good little soldier?
I guarantee you they will all smell like Lynx/Axe! I got the Anchorman "Sex Panther" scent and it was exactly like Lynx... But to be honest I got it jst to have "Sex Panther" on my bathroom shelf:-)
I will admit that when the Star Trek fragrances came out, I was really tempted to get "Red Shirt" just because of its slogan "Because tomorrow may never come." Oh, and "Pon Farr" just because: well, Spock.

And there are a few others I would considering buying: both "Nostalgia" & "Millenium" from Watchmen, and then more directly Whedony-inspired ones, like "5 x 5" - or "Slayer" - or "Sihnon Nights".

Yeah, I do get it. I'm just not emotionally-romantically connected to superhero stuff in that way... and all I can picture when I imagine superhero scents are sweaty tights. (Sorry.)

ETF: typos.

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If I happen to see these in a store and one of them smells good I would totally buy one for the fun of it. Never saw this coming.
I would love to meet whoever writes their copy.
I can't wait until Luca Turin and and Tanya Sanchez get hold of this.
Funny, coz I imagine superheros probably smell a lot light sweat a lot of the time thansk to all that superheroing they do, especially Hulk. That said, I bet Iron Man can afford some nice Bvlgari or Hugo Boss.
For some reason, I originally read the headline on this thread as "Smell Like a Porcupine." My hopes were briefly raised that Joss Whedon or an affiliate was doing a project with that title, because, well, think of the possibilities. Now that I have (correctly, I hope) reread the headline, I think they might do better (assuming the scents were accurate) with "Smell Like Joss Whedon," "Smell Like Chris Hemsworth," etc.
Gods, I would hope none of these smell like a porcupine or they will have an even smaller potential market than... superhero perfume normally has. Only another porcupine could ever find that smell sexy. (Think skunk crossed with well-ripened body oder.)
BreathesStory, "Smell Like a Porcupine" could come in handy for otherwise incredibly attractive people who would like a little *less* attention.
Remember this fragrance thread from over a year ago? I said I'd *totally* check out a Black Widow perfume, and I later did and they'd had it, but alas, 'twas sold out by the time I saw it.

I really wanted to find it then & located it here and I received it today.

I wasn't expecting much, and mainly bought it for the Kickass Whedony Character Connection, but it's surprisingly good. From its description, I thought it might be too sugary and sweet (praline! caramel! chocolate!) but its leading combo of citrus and berries is tart ; ] and delicious. Maybe not as sultry as you'd expect for the Black Widow, but in terms of smells I like, that's all to the good.

The packaging has the now-familiar "Fallaces sunt rerum species", which seems especially apt for a fragrance description.

*I* have a new slogan now, too: Nihil sum si non obsessive.

(I also bought HBO/TrueBlood's "Forsaken" perfume, but that's another story...)
Omg, I wish the internets had sniff-on-demand!!

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