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January 24 2012

Avengers Assemble (In Your Art Textbooks). Wired's Underwire Blog features a cool series of variant Avengers comic book covers produced by Marvel which take their inspiration from fine art and pop art.

I saw these a few days ago, but didn't think they'd show up here. Then I realized it's for April's comics, so of course it's movie tie-in. I like a lot of these, but I feel like there are a few missed opportunities to homage some other famous works.
I only saw them because I saw Spencer Ackerman tweet the link today.

CaptainB, Any particular artwork you would have like to see them do? I think they did a pretty nice selection. The tribute to Washington Crossing the Delaware was pretty cool, as was the Egyptian heiroglyphics. But my absolute favorite is Hulk as Pooh Bear stuck in the hole!
Pooh Bear Hulk is my favorite too.

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