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January 24 2012

Morena Baccarin on 'Conan'. Morena was on "Conan" last night to promote "Homeland," and had funny stories about her mom, a presidential fan and Damien Lewis getting her underwear by mistake!

President Obama is a fan of Homeland! He has excellent taste (his favorite show of all time is The Wire).
He does have good taste; his fave character on The Wire was Omar.

on a related note, I am totally planning on watching Homeland once it comes out on DVD. I've heard a lot of great things about it.
Hasn't the season ended? Seems to be a funny time to promote the show.
I just watched that episode about ten minutes ago - in Australia ,we get the show a day after it airs in the US, I think. She was very funny and I discovered that I have been pronouncing her family name incorrectly for all these years!
I, too, have been mispronouncing it, apparently. But they pronounced her name three different ways on "Conan," as well -- during the opening, Andy Richter called her "Mo-REN-na BACK-arin"; then after the monologue, Conan pronounced it "Mo-RAY-na Ba-CAR-rin" (which is how I'd been pronouncing it), then during the rest of the show, he called her "Mo-RAY-na BACK-arin."

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