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January 25 2012

(SPOILER) Discuss Angel & Faith #6. A peculiar figure from Angel's past returns to London with a new friend in tow.

Meanwhile, Faith will soon have some personal demons of her own to deal with...

Sounds like a great issue.Can't wait to read it.Also sounds like we're getting a Ripper origin story via the flashbacks in this arc.I still am curious if Dru's sanity is linked to events in the IDW books particularly the Spike miniseries where she was left in the care of Mosaic.

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Ya good issue - I'm still not totally down with the idea that the Watchers Diaries have replaced the PTB as a source of cases for Angel though. Maybe I am wrong, but I always got the impression that the Diaries were for the Watcher to document the Slayer, but now it seems that they were used to document their whole life whether a slayer was involved or not. Of course thematically I understand why they are being used - Angel reading them to finish work that Giles didn't as a way of atonement - but to me it feels like they altered their original purpose in order to fit in with the new plot. Wouldn't be the first time of course:)

I wonder is Drusilla's new sanity due to something else apart from Mosaic? Giles says that when the demon starts to feed on him that "I knew I would first go utterly mad and then die"... What if the Lorophage demon had tried to feed from Drusilla (who was still mad), and instead of driving her mad had made her sane? Of course it couldn't kill her because she is a vampire. She then somehow made it her lackey? A long shot maybe, but it could be the route they go down if they want to ignore the events in Mosaic?

[U]Other thoughts:[/U]

- It was nice to see an issue led by Angel's thoughts. I understand why the 1st arc was seen from Faith's POV, but if they are to share a title then they should share the spotlight too.

- I like the scene of them training on the rooftop. A good way of not having them just sitting around for another scene.

- What's up with Faith's attitude towards Alasdair? Does she not trust him? Is she right?

- Based on Rebecca's reveal that she based the look of Faith's Dad on Jim Belushi...well then I am gonna imagine it's him then:)

- I liked Angel getting all riled up about his memories of London...maybe it's not the best place for him to be after all lol. Or maybe like LA, he will excorcise some demons of his past there?
Few thing I noticed randomly that you might enjoy noticing.

When Angel exits the Highgate cemetery the first time the car that drives away has a plate that reads 'BDSIM'. Lovely. I guess Dru is monitoring him

Young Giles is emanating Wesley circa his head-boy years... And we are given a good reason for his later descend into Ripper years. Rupert's father though is not nearly as bad as Wyndam-Price the elder.

Some of the imagery of the comic and new demon feeding reminded me of Area 10... making holes in people's foreheads seems to be one of Christos Gage's MOs.

Angel reading Douglas Adams actually filled me with warm bubbles of shared nerdy glee... and the mention was quite reasonable. I always found Angel more of a bookish type than he is ever given credit for.

Nice flashback with Buffy - this time it is Faith who remembers her - and I have to say that Rebekah's Buffy is tragic and haggard - and her Faith is way too pretty and fleshy again.

Faith was actually OK in this issue - but duh - her personal daddy arc seems utterly predictable from her confrontation with Alasdair.

So yeah, new sane Drusilla's hobby seems to be driving people crazy - via use of Lorophage demon that feeds on past trauma - this seems like a call back to S8 Predators and Prey arc and Faith - Giles singular adventure with the demon who used to feed on regrets. Get more inventive people !
I have Angel & Faith # 6."Daddy Issues" Part I of IV"

I loved this issue.Really loved it.

"Daddy Issues" is the perfect title for this arc since we've got...

1)Dru and her vampire father Angel.

2)Faith and her father.

3)Giles and his father.

All with major league Daddy issues(I assuming on Faith and her father anyway.We already know the others issues based off the shows and this issue).The only one missing is Connor from this group Connor and Angel is coming later after this arc most likely.

The flashbacks and the seeds of Giles Ripper years are the highlight for me.I swear these make me regret we never got that BBC Ripper series.These flashbacks and the fact elements of that series are being used in this title makes think how great a Giles series could of been.Man,I would also go for a Young Giles series too after the flashbacks here.

I also really liked the call back to to the Buffy episode,"Bad Girls" and the flashback to Buffy and Faith after Faith accidentally staked the Deputy Mayor.It's great how Faith is putting the lessons learned then to good use and prevented a fellow slayer from making the same mistake and accidently killing a human.

I can't wait for when Faith's father hooks with her.I'm expecting fireworks.

As for the return of Dru.This is going to be good.We've gotten a taste of sane Dru in the IDW comics and I'm curious if we'll get a link to the Spike miniseries.Joss had a hand in the Willow stuff there and IDW worked with Dark Horse on it linking to season 8 with how Spike got his ship and bug crew.Besides the stuff with Dru briefly getting a soul in that story and then having it removed and how that whole thing messed with a already screwed head,the Spike miniseries ended with Spike leaving Dru in the care of the demon mental hospital,Mosaic.So I'm really curious if we'll get a nod to where we left Dru at the end of that to her return here in London,as Mother Superior and sane.Was she cured in Mosaic?

I have a feeling sane Dru is going to be much more dangerous then insane Dru.To bad Connor isn't around yet because that's a meeting I would really like to see.Talk about Daddy Issues again.Angel dealing with his biological child and his vampire child at the same time?Would that make Connor and Dru sort of siblings?


Now I have a real brain puzzele on that since Darla is Connor's mother and Darla sired Angel.And Dru re-sired Darla.

Talk about twisted and twisty family relations.

This was a really superb issue all around.
Here's my summary and review. It's a great issue. Angel cuddles a cat. Faith has a Buffy memory. Rupert thinks about asking a girl to tea.
Drusilla looks so amazing. This is a great opening issue to the arc, three super intriguing plot lines - I don't know if my heart can handle the wait.

I wonder if the Lorophage's powers have changed somewhat because of the breaking of the Seed. It could explain why the victims are still alive and why Drusilla is sane/benefiting from it. Kind of reminds me of Glory in that she could be putting her insanity into these people through the Lorophage.

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For those who are interested pages of original art from this issue are on sale now:
Good issue overall. But ... wasn't it Giles' mother who was a Watcher before him? I could have sworn that's what he told Buffy (way back in "Never Kill a Boy on the First Date").
erendis I think you are right! They really should run these things through a fan before they write them! ;)

I am most interested in Drusilla. There are many different ways this story can go, and I have no idea what to expect. But I am intrigued. And I am really hoping that she has a flashback that includes Spike so I can see how Rebecca draws him. Yes I AM that shallow.
No, Giles's dad was a Watcher, and his paternal grandmother was one before him.

From "Never Kill a Boy on the First Date: "I was ten years old when my father told me I was destined to be a Watcher. He was one, and his mother before him, and I was to be next."
Ah, that's right. Thanks Taaroko! That was my one real complaint about the issue, so I'm happy now. :-)
Neat. Full summaries and the pencils for the issue.

Thanks guys.
This is the first issue of both Season 9 comics that I really loved. The pacing, action, dialogue, and art all just felt right. Rebekah Isaacs did some great things with Drusilla. The panel of her on the penultimate page saying "Isn't that right" is stunning.

I also love the little glimpses into Rupert's past, and his adult self's insight into what drove him to dark magic and such. The ego, the trauma, etc.

Really great stuff, and I can't wait to find out how Dru is utilized.
Really excited to have Dru! I love Drusilla. I figured the demon sucked the trauma out of her brain, leaving her sane, maybe....?

I had the same thought initially when I read it, that Giles' mother was the watcher.

I figured Giles just kept diaries, because some people do. It wouldn't have to be a council policy thing or anything-- though I imagine watchers would be trained to keep really detailed notes of everything, and it would just spill over.

So just from context, it seems to me that Faith's reaction to Alastair was a daddy issue freakout-- but I didn't really get it, what she was reacting to. I kind of felt like that part was a little unclear. I'm curious-- do people think that was on purpose, and all will be explained, or that it was very clear and I'm just missing the point, or that that was a fumble on the part of the writers?
I thought Faith's reaction was in defense of Giles, because she didn't like hearing him judged by his Ripper days.
I think Faith's coldness towards Alasdair is actually a continuation of their last exchange in the previous arc, where she almost used the Mohra blood on Angel because Alasdair had urged her to act and use her judgment. I kinda like how that exchange wasn't forgotten and that we're not going into reset mode every time the two characters meet. I'm guessing Alasdair's gonna be around for a bit, so it'll be interesting to see how that relationship works out.

ETA: My review is up now. Please check it out HERE.

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A sane Dru is kinda scary to contempalte, given that she's evil!

Okay, have we met this mysterious stranger before?
i think faith's "five by five" in this issue is the clearest example of what exactly her obscure phrase means. for a lot of the show, it seemed like faith said "five by five" when everything was okay. seems more now like the phrase is simply about balance: things are about as okay as they are not okay, and for faith, that is good enough. she killed a human years ago, but now that experience led to her saving a human life. not ideal, not perfect, but not all bad either. just five by five.

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