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January 25 2012

(SPOILER) Brand new Cabin in the Woods promo pics! One features the main cast and the other features Joss and Drew.

They look like awkwardly posed action figures! Especially the way Fran is standing.

I want a Topher figure! And a Victor. And an Echo...and a November....HEY! I want Dollhouse action figures, gorramit!
I'm very, very excited to see this!
I miss Topher. And Victor. And Adelle. Am re-watching the show again and remembering how great some of the characters were.

This is torturous, waiting for the next Joss movie to drop but then I realized how spoiled I am, to have more than one Whedon-related movie to in a year.
Yeah, that not-even-a month between Cabin and Avengers is probably going to be me at my brattiest. "I CAN'T BELIEVE I HAVE TO WAIT ANOTHER TWENTY ONE DAYS UGH DOES GOD JUST HATE ME OR SOMETHING BLARGH"

Then my head will spin 360 degrees. You should come, it'll be a sight.
I see the "blond girl" is missing from the "main cast picture"... What are Joss and Drew trying to tell us?

And Joss apparently copied his new hairstyle from Drew.
HEY! I want Dollhouse action figures, gorramit!

In ten five years, when TV execs are looking to do remakes of series from the 2000s, that could be the not-quite-sequel remake: "Action Figure House". (Tagline: they aren't dolls, they're action figures!)

On another note, I wonder what in particular is going on in the Drew-Joss picture. :)
My theory:
Drew: "And this is where Fake Thomas Jefferson rushes in and saves the girl for imminent death!"
Joss: (thought bubble) "Not this again"

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Hm, I can't quite work out why all the stills MGM have released are of such low quality. Seems really bizarre, but I guess a headline is a headline.
It might not be the still, it might be how Badass re-saved it when they watermarked it.

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