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January 25 2012

(SPOILER) Morena Baccarin to guest star on The Good Wife. Baccarin will appear in episode 17, slated to air in early March. Spoilers for the plot and character she plays in the episode.

A fan of the show, Baccarin tweeted last April, "Watching The Good Wife. Soooo gooooooood!" EW hears that tweet helped with her casting. "I'm a huge fan of the show, I've watched every single hour of it," Baccarin tells EW. "Every actor in the cast is phenomenal and I'm so excited to be asked to join them for this episode." The Kings add: "We've loved Morena going all the way back to Firefly. And she is doing just stunning work on Homeland."

Nice to see that Showtime/CBS corporate synergy at work. Can't wait to see her ep.
Nice to see Morena getting a lot of varied work. I enjoy The Good Wife, so it will be awesome to see her on that.
I'm happy to see a Whedonverse actor on a show I really enjoy watching. I pretty much watched the first 2 seasons last month in a blazing fury and fell in love. It's such a subtle and smart show, and has some awesome female characters.
Cool, "The Good Wife" is definitely one of the best show currently on tv. It's also nice to hear that the creators saw Firefly.
IMO, The Good Wife is the best dramatic series on network TV and the equal of anything currently running on basic cable or HBO (I'm not watching any other premium channels). I'm looking forward to seeing what kind of character Ms. Baccarin plays.

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Oh my god, I'm so obsessed with this show!!!!!!!!! I'm loving it even more now! First Amy Acker, now Morena, let me dream about Sarah! ^^
Also love The Good Wife. Excellent writing and acting. I'll look forward to this episode.
Honestly, had no idea that would bother anyone. It's a cultural reality about which I get curious.

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