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January 26 2012

The Rodarte Guide to Buffy the Vampire Slayer. The fashion designers list their favourite episodes.

Best (laugh out loud) bit in this article is someone asking in the comments, "Is that Sarah Michelle Gellar from Cruel Intentions as Buffy?"

OK, that list is surprisingly congruent to my own personal best of BtVS list... I'd throw in "Restless," "Graduation Day," "Fool for Love" and "The Wish" and maybe take out "Chosen" and "Angel" and voila! you pretty much get my list of all time great Buffy.
I think only two of those would even make my top 20 list. Maybe three.
So has anyone seen the issue of A Magazine with the Joss interview by Katie Lucas? It was supposedly on news stands in December.
I tweeted the magazine a couple of weeks ago to see if it was going online. They repled saying it would going online in the next few months.
So where do we get Willow's fuzzy top?
Thank you, Simon. On top of things as usual. :)

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