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January 26 2012

How to avoid causing damage to your body from long periods of sitting. Watching a Firefly marathon? This is good advice for any TV/gaming/desk job marathon that requires a lot of sitting.

Why not exercise while you watch Firefly? :^)
If you happen to belong to a gym membership with ipod connectivity or have your own bike/treadmill/elliptical, this is the best way to make sure you stay on for a nice solid workout.

In fact, they should be celling people powered TVs. Want to watch your favourite TV show? Then you have to generate enough energy via exercise to watch it. Would do wonders for the obesity epidemic sweeping the modern world
This is a great article and all but I don't see what this has to do with Whedon. The article mentions Firefly once. Oh, here's another great article that mentions firefly, should I submit it?
Firefly Marathon psshht nothing..... I'm on a two week leave, having a Buffy/Angel marathon, and just finished Buffy 4x12 A New Man and Angel 1x11 Somnambulist. Yes. I'm doing them in order. So much fun! XD and heart break GOD Joss reliving the pain *sobsOzDoylesob* and listing to a few commentaries and watching the little special features (WHY again no bloopers/outtakes? *grrr*)

I'm literally dreaming the show.

edited to add: @jperiodrperiod I have used the treadmill while watching with subtitle on ;)

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