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January 27 2012

Farewell to an unlikely hero: Why 'Chuck' packed such a potent punch. How fans pragmatically kept Chuck on the air this long--and how organized fandom (something we know a little about around here) is changing TV.

Really more about a specific form of organized fandom, which is sponsor-centric, and it's an interesting point. Not sure it's "changing TV", though (even the article doesn't really make that claim).
Ha. I'm in that video.

The lady behind much of the save Chuck stuff is great. Hooray to her.
I remember a lot of buzz about the first couple seasons of Chuck and then it really died down.
Well, like many shows, it didn't stay awesome (or Awesome :)). Realistically, there was an episode in mid Season 3 that absolutely felt at the time like it should have been a series finale, but they kept on, and while I have continued to enjoy it and the zeitgeist of it and the genre savvy of it, it hasn't ever been *as* good since. I think I just changed my dinner plans, though -- I owe these guys to raise a BMT in their honor for one of the most addictive shows I've seen.
Loved every minute of the 2 hour finale. Everyone involved did a fabulous job and I swear there was an echo of a Firefly line by Adam Baldwin in the 2nd hour.
Adam got to say "doing good works" one more time.
We bid you a Farewell Chuck, the tears will come when i get the dvd and see how they end it. Let us raise our sandwiches one more time as the curtain comes down.
I was never a Subway fan until Chuck, now eat there often and always tell them it is because of Chuck. Going to miss Adam the most.

I still stick pins in a CBS doll for axing Moonlight.
My Tivo only recorded the second hour. AAAAARGHHHHHHH!
I thought it had it's ups and downs (even in season two) but it's such a lovely show it's hard to say anything bad. Amazing cast.
Not a great finale but mostly because it wasn't a great season. I know they only had 13 episodes but then again, they had 13 episodes and that was the best they could do? But they had 4 great seasons and 1 lackluster (abridged) one, not a bad average at all. I will miss Chuck dearly as it was one of my favorites.
I am glad it was an open-ended, you decide what you want to happen after the credits roll finale, like AtS's finale.
I didn't love the finale. I wanted to. I've read reviews by people that absolutely loved it; Maureen Ryan gave a really great summary/breakdown of why she loved the episode.

After digesting it for a day (I watched it last night), I thought the acting was awesome. Really terrific. And the story wasn't horrible, just not really what I was hoping for. I wanted everything to be hugs & puppies but instead we got Weight of the World. Kinda.

But now there's a hole to fill. I know if anyone understands, its you guys. An emptiness that can only be filled by the characters that I've grown to love. It reminds me of the feeling I got when Buffy ended...lots of laughs, some tears and mostly just wanting more. I need a hug.
Thanks guidedby.

Upward and onward, right?


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