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January 27 2012

Top 25 cult film actors. Nathan Fillion has his own category.

Carl Weathers was in Close Encounters? Where?
Baby, you got a stew going.
This is a great list. Everyone on it deserves to be there and there are also some lovely glaring omissions to provide fodder for the lowest level of righteous outrage ;-)...

How could they not mention Peter Weller in Buckaroo Banzai?

Or Ron Perlman in Beauty and the Beast?

Disagree that Kurt Russell's best work is all in Sci-fi (He was awesome in Soldier though.) because he was really amazing as Elvis and in Miracle.

Gary Busey's should have mentioned his masterful performance as Buddy Holly.

Lack of Mark Hamill is a glaring omission. I know most of his current work is voice work, but still...Mark Hamill!! Lots of grade B movies: The Guyver, Slipstream...

Clint Howard should be on the list. Sci-fi movies too numerous to list. (Loved him in The Wraith.)

Not even a mention of Van Damm in the honorable mentions? They included Dolph...
They mentioned Pearlman, if not that specific role... and they mentioned van Damme by initials at the end, saying he and his like need their own list.

Great selections in here...
Jeffrey Combs. Need I say more?
Jeffrey Combs. Need I say more?

Simon | January 28, 18:23 CET

I think more people think of Jeffrey Coombs as a cult TV actor, what with stuff like DS9, Enterprise or The 4400 allowing for more "Hmm...he seems familiar!" moments than stuff like Re-Animator. But I could be wrong though ;D
le Fillion in a class by himself. Of course!
BreathesStory, there is a "JCVD" noted in the honorable mentions, which I presume from context could mean none other than Jean-Claude Van Damme...

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