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January 27 2012

Avengers Assemble... for a Twitter chat. Get a tease of the Superbowl ad and win prizes during a Twitter chat with Joss, Clark Gregg, and Tom Hiddleston on January 31.

Interesting. 11am PST is a very good time for me, now I just have to remind myself to get up and turn the computer on.
Does that mean Joss is finally going to get his own Twitter account?
Well, @Avengers tweeted about this chat today and at-named Gregg and Hiddleston; no at-name on their mention of Joss. (Although @josswhedon used to be a fan account with tweets and recently was replaced with a fresh account wiped clean and locked. Which, of course, proves exactly nothing.)
My impression was the @Avengers account was going to be the main feed and all chatting done there. I hope I'm wrong, I'd love to see Joss on twitter. I can't imagine him doing it, though, mostly from a time management perspective.
Joss is #1 on the list of people I wish had twitter accountz.
I wonder how long a perusal of Avengers plot/character information would take me to possibly be able to have an answer to one of their trivia questions, to maybe, in grotesque odds, win one of the prizes...
So far the trivia questions have been pretty basic, and as near as I can tell about the other movies.
He probably already has a twitter account but he forgot his password...

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