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January 28 2012

"Curse Your Sudden But Inevitable Betrayal" - a Firefly essay. Lani Diane Rich talks about the arguments she had with her husband whilst watching Firefly and Serenity.

He killed Wash, because we would grieve more. Zoe - a soldier who chooses the risk. Wash - an innocent. War kills innocents.
Very interesting. I can't say I like either of them, the writer who scared me or her husband who didn't seem to get why Wash said no to Saffron, but it was a very interesting and moving essay, even though I didn't agree with the writer all the time.
I did not understand the point of that essay. But that is perhaps part of my male cluelessness. Question though, is it a Jane or a Joss cluelessness?
Love the essay, and like both the writer and her husband, both of whom seem to have a sense of humor and a love of Joss Whedon much like my own. I have, in fact, had some of the same arguments, especially about Wash. Also about why, in Book's last moments, it was necessary to have the camera point straight up Book's nose, which wasn't mentioned in this essay, but I'll bet has been discussed in that household. Doesn't take away from my love of all things Whedon, and I'm guessing it doesn't take away from theirs either. Joss is Boss. And he doesn't mind if we cry about Wash...he knew we would. That's why he did it.
Understood it perfectly and the discussions reminded me of mine with choiced family and friends. Always a lot of footstompy and hand motions, but always a good discussion with understanding from both sides. I consider it a good challenge of the way we think, the id of the mind.

Believe that's the gist of Joss' way of storytelling.
"For the record, while itís admirable and romantic that I would lust after the character most like my husband, he fell for the girl least like me."

This made me laugh, in a kind of "hogamous, higamous" way.

I read this & the other essays when the book came out, but for those that haven't yet, there are one or two essays and excerpts available online.

Bruce Bethke's "Cut 'em Off at the Horsehead Nebula!" on his blog:
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

And here's an interview I particularly like with Jane Espenson about the book by Pink Raygun.

You can get the book directly from Smart Pop Books here (and read a bit from Jane's intro).
"higamous" QuoterGal, you called it, must give a definition of word.

I know what you meant.

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