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January 28 2012

Dress up as an Avenger for Halloween. For starters, there's an official Thor wig.

Hallo-- it's not even February!
b!X, My son purchased his Captain America costume last summer and wore it more than a few times before Halloween itself.
The One True b!X Buy now before they sell out, man. Ya know they're gonna be crazy popular when the movie comes out. Gotta catch 'em all. No...wait. That's not right. Umm...get it while it's hot? Eh. Close enough.
b!X, the extra lead time is given to allow you to bulk up to the "yet to be released" Hulk costume. Only have to put on 2800 pounds or so for it to fit. :)
It is Big Bang Theory dress up arguments at 50 paces again, i pick the Black Widow oh! right there isn't one lol!

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