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January 29 2012

Bradley Whitford talks about The Cabin in the Woods. He says the movie is "a very original smart take on a very popular genre, and Joss just has a wild kind of wind-tossed imagination" and then discusses why he wouldn't want his kids to see it.

Good read, reminds me of an interview of Stephen King years ago. When asked about his children, he gave this amusing tale:

SK: "Want me to tell you a story?"

kids: "No daddy, no!"

SK: "Then go asleep."
"Wind-tossed imagination" brings a wonderful image of pre-buzz-cut Joss facing out over the edge of a precipice, arms extended, updraft raising the red flame atop the cranium...
Very interesting interview, especially the statement about the assertvie activity of actors and the passiveness of the business imposed on them in the last paragraph.
"It is, by the way, upsetting to me that we live in a culture where the definition of obscenity is the act of procreation."

-Well said, Sir, Well said.
God, if Aaron Sorkin and Joss Whedon ever worked together, I think I'd explode. (I realize this is only tangentially related, but still.)

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