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January 31 2012

Teaser for The Avengers Super Bowl commercial. New (brief) footage!

A trailer for this summer's biggest movie release, and it's airing during the Super Bowl. Sucks to be joss.
It looks very cool.
Why does it look so cheap and clean?
A trailer for this summer's biggest movie release, and it's airing during the Super Bowl.

Yes, it could end up being the most watched piece of Whedon footage ever.
If this Superbowl gets ratings like the last one, it could be among the most watched pieces of TV footage ever.
(I realize there are a lot of factors that make that post wildly inaccurate, but it sounds pretty cool, huh?)
Ooooh lookie, spaceships!
The Avengers to be released in IMAX 3D too and not just regular screened 3D.

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OMG. Should I be this excited for a 10 second clip?

I feel like I should be filling this box with Woots and Woo-hoo's!

This is gonna be good!
Are we absolutely sure that there is no way Fox can cancel this movie?
I'm totally going to splash out on the 3D IMAX -- it's maybe the one time in my life I get to do this for a Joss Whedon summer blockbuster.

also: Spaceships! and Thor and Cap all being brotherly comrades in arms! I need it to be May already...
While I'd be glad to shell out for 3D IMAX considering who's involved, I must ask if anyone's seen a big action movie in 3D IMAX? It sounds like a bit of a headache. Maybe I'll do it on 2nd viewing. Because much like Serenity, I'll probably see this 5 or 6 times in the theater. Unlike Serenity, I probably won't be partially motivated by a noble but inept attempt to help bolster the box office. I think they might make their money back on this one, and a couple extra pennies to rub together.
Do Whedonesquers ever do these things together? Might be cool - though people are unlikely to check this now. I'm located near London and I'm sure many more of us are. Might be nice to float the idea at least.
I saw Avatar in IMAX 3D and Tron Legacy in IMAX 3D.They both looked amazing but both were shot in 3D,not converted.
Tron was more or less a narrative steaming pile but gosh did it look pretty in 3D. Didn't do the IMAX thing though.
Never in my life have I wanted the Superbowl as much as I do right now. Might make up for that Ferris Bueller travesty.
H-H-Huuuuuuuuullllllllk... *pop* *fizzle*


Good things finally come to those deserving. I think Joss has earn his due.
That looks super-awesome. Does anyone know at what approximate point during the Superbowl this will air? I don't really want to watch the whole game.

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