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January 31 2012

(SPOILER) Pop Candy chats with Neil Patrick Harris. The topic of DH2 closes out the article. Spoilers for fans of How I Met Your Mother.

God I love him. He made a sly Spider-Man reboot joke AND he narrates audiobooks for Beverly Cleary titles. He is just perfection in human form.
Loving him more every day.
Literally minutes before I read the PopCandy-interview, I read another interview, here at
Same line of questions, and yet Neil manages to make it new and different; at the same time neither repeating nor contradicting himself.
First time I've heard an actual statement about Bays and Thomas having an eight-year structure. I sort of want the show to end next year, purely because of that, but it seems like they're all up for doing more so... hm. Nice interview, too.
Hey, he mentioned Felicia Day being involved in the Dr Horrible sequel! I sure hope that happens.
I always figured Dr. Horrible would figure out some kind of Frankenstein plan to bring Penny back.

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