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February 01 2012

(SPOILER) First Look at Amy Acker on Grimm. She'll be guest starring on February 10th.

Looking forward to it! Sounds very similar to Jewel Staite's recent appearance on Supernatural where her character was killing only out of necessity.
Plot sounds very similar to an episode of Fringe. Even down to the disguises and then reveal.
Oh, sure - the weekend I'm out of town. Better figure out how to hook up the VCR to the converter box...

The "black widow" concept reminds me of an episode of "Tales From the Darkside" that I only vaguely remember all these years later. An encyclopedia salesman made a call to a single woman, who lured him into her her giant web.

ETA: I was close. The episode was called "Black Widows." She was a single woman living w/her mother in a trailer park. She wanted to get married, but her mother never approved of her choices. When she finally did get married, she found out to the truth about the women in her family, and why she never saw her father.

I'm glad Amy's going to be on Grimm - I really enjoy that show. And having just season Season Five for the first time I know she can do the scary/sexy/deadly.

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So has anyone been watching Grimm regularly? Is it any good?

I haven't had a chance to check it out and was slightly put off from it being one of Bill Willingham's Fables "illegitimate children" (the Fables comic book was shopped as a tv adaption to the various tv networks and was never came to be, but in it's wake networks started creating tv series using fairy tale characters).
I watch it regularly, but mainly to identify locations, since it's shot here in Portland, including the building I live in. I'd be more invested if the surrounding mythology were being developed more heavily (although implications of the surrounding mythology are starting to erupt in the lives of a few characters now).
Been watching regularly, but would've stopped by now if I hadn't known that Amy Acker was going to be in an episode. In other words I'm expecting that to be my last. Though now that I realize it's a spider thing... I almost don't want to watch that one... I have spider issues. Luckily I get to watch that one with someone, so whenever I have to look away, I'll have someone that will tell me when I can look again :o)

I'm with The One True b!x, I'd have been more interested if they used the mythology aspect a little more, 9 episodes and hardly anything? The only thing that will make me sad to stop is his non-cop sidekick. He's awesome.

ETA. Meant to point out that I have seen a lot of others say they love it, it's just overly procedural based for me. Not that I have problems with procedurals either, it's just I'm already invested in so many that interest me more.

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Enjoying PDX BG, FX, some of the actors. Wish the plotting were a little more creative. Hanging in there, hoping for some growth.
Still giving it a chance. One dude that makes me keep coming back is the duty officer guy... best wisecracking since Jerry Orbach. Hope the overall show gets more grabby though. Once Upon a Time is wiping the floor with it at the moment.

(Oh, Hai everyone - i'm back)

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