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February 01 2012

(SPOILER) Covers for Angel and Faith #10. This issue features guest artist Chris Samnee (The Shepherd's Tale).

Is that supposed to be Buffy & Faith?
Not if you read the description.
They're two women from Giles's past.

Both covers look great.I'm assuming this is our next one off issue.I seem to remember Chris Gage mentioning on twitter that Angel & Faith is following the usual format of four issue arc followed by one off at least up until issue 15.
I wonder if we're ever going to see Olivia.
@Buffyfantic I'm guessing because we have a different artist that this will be a standalone.

Not gone on Morris' cover (they are all staring to look the same), but I like Rebekah's.
Oh, cool - I love Chris Samnee!

Buffy and Faith do fit the description of "two women from Giles' past"... although I suspect they aren't the women in question. ;)
Chris Samnee is currently drawing Ultimate Spider-man, and drawing it pretty damn well.
As tweeted by Christos Gage, this issue is a oneshot but the new characters will be sticking about. Also, the title of the issue will be "Women of a Certain Age".
I think it's safe to say that the two women are the same ones from the portrait in #1. In the final panel, they're in a framed picture in the background, a younger Giles in between them. And Rebekah mentioned that the two women were specifically mentioned in the script to be drawn, so they did have purpose. And their hair colors match the same as the ones on this cover (and I'd even say their faces look similar, but that may just be me).
So they were going to be in the Ripper tv series? Coo.
I think it's great that Joss is recycling ideas from Ripper here like these two women.It's not the first time this has been done.

1)Ghost Spike was going to used in the Faith spin-off series but ended up being used in Angel season 5.

2)The aborted Faith DVD movie was the basis of the,"The "No Future For You" arc in season 8.

3)The aborted Buffy The Animated Series pilot was used in,"After These Messeages....We'll Be Right Back."

4)Now things from the defunct BBC Ripper series are being used in Angel & Faith in season 9.

It's cool how we still get to see versions of ideas Joss had when they don't work out in their original plans and formats.

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