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February 01 2012

Elizabeth Craft & Sarah Fain Pilot is picked up by The CW. The Selection is set 300 years in the future and centers on a woman chosen by lottery to participate in a competition to become the next queen of a war-torn nation. Elizabeth and Sara are executive producers and writers of the proposed series.

If it goes to series, I'd watch it. Though Cult interests me more.
The story also mentions that Shawn Ryan(Angel,Terriers)has a pilot for ABC.
So, I'm thinking... The Hunger Games meets The Tudors via Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace?
^That makes it sound good, but considering their work on Secret Circle, I'm not going to get my hopes up too much.
Pretty abysmal looking pilot season all round. At least on paper.
Yes, I thought, "The Hunger Games" as well, but I wouldn't be too quick to judge. The CW actually has been having a good track record with this type of series and I'm willing to give it a peek. Especially with Sarah and Elizabeth at the helm.

Remember, there was once a little number called Buffy that started the same way....
I thought "Hunger Games" meets "Kings" (remember "Kings"? Ian McShane? Ran half a season?). Could be great. It's all in the details - well, usually. "Work It" would have required some amazing details to work. But I digress.
I actually loved "Kings". It was like uber-pretentious, but that worked somehow. I really need to get the DVDs since I missed the last two episodes that they just threw out there on a Saturday after cancelling it.
Back to point, think its safe to say we'll give it a watch or three. Good report, MacGuffin.
Simon, "The Cult"? Must refresh the ole' braincell on that one.
I find the premise intriguing and has potential to be a series that has realistic female characters (e.g., interact with each other) and some drama. I do like Elizabeth and Sara's writing as it usually emphasizes the characters.

I guess you could get a Hunger Games vibe. There's (i) a lottery to enter a contest, (ii) a female protagonist, and (iii) a contest; however, from the albeit brief description so far those are the only things they have in common.

Madhatter, The Cult is another CW pilot the article mentions. It "centers on a series of mysterious disappearances that are linked to a TV series called Cult." Kind of like Alcatraz in reverse?
I so wanted to know where "Kings" was going. Anybody have an idea?
Kings had the advantage of being based on a great literary work.

The premise interests me; I'll give it a try.
Cult originally (2006) was meant for The WB. It's an exploraton of scary fandom. Nothing we know anything about. It's been revamped somewhat, sounds more procedural.

I'll certainly watch The Selection. (Or anything else that's post-apocalyptic! ;)
The things it has in common are all they need, I think. The Vampire Diaries ain't much like Twilight yet because it has vampires and werewolves = biggest hit.

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