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February 02 2012

Staking Dawn - A 'Breaking Dawn' parody by MAD with Buffy. Our beloved Slayer interrupts Bella and Edward's wedding and shows her skills to the sparkly ones (and to Al Gore) in this bloody, amazing MAD Production's parody.

OH wow that was hi-larious! The expressions on Buffy's face were priceless! Ha ha!
Ok...that...that was actually pretty good.
That has made the last 5 minutes of work for today the best ever :) I'll have to get my goddaughter - who is unfortunately seduced to the sparkly side of vampire life despite my best efforts - to check this out. Brilliant.
Oh my, I'm in tears! Must stop with the laughter....wait..

Nevermind, I lost it again!
I watched this on Cartoon Network yesterday and wondered how long before it showed up here.

Funny indeed!
Hilarious! Must watch again, and again, and again.
OMG! That was actually funny! I literally laughed out loud several times.
And I thought the title referred to breaking the little sister. Much better than I imagined against the sparkly side.
Stupid, but lots of fun.."I am wood" lol
i have never laughed so hard.
Late to the game, but: that actually was pretty wonderful, just like everyone said.
The part where Jacob's like "Oh you just missed them, they jumped out the window" and the cut to Buffy's face is slaying me right now. *pun intended*

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