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February 02 2012

(SPOILER) Cover art and details for Buffy Season 9 # 9. Phil Noto does the painted cover and Cliff Richards continues as guest interior artist.

Nevermind, the link is working. So, weird. I think they're right, and that Buffy meets a alternative universe Buffy. A non-slaying Buffy perhaps?

I've wondered what she'd be like as a non-slayer. I didn't quite expect that... I guess the shallow Buffy we saw in the LA flashback married rich.

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The link should be working now.
I wonder if this a nod to Ringer as well.
I was thinking that too,Simon.
Glad I'm not the only one who thought “Ringer” with that cover. And I guess this cover either confirms that Buffy doesn’t lose her arm, or that she gets it back quickly (thank god). “Confront herself”?
Ah, the evil twin (bot) trope. Bored now.
I'm guessing this issue might deal with the Rome decoy-Buffy?
Bridget-Buffy and Siobhan-Buffy must work together to preserve the timelines! And fight zompires!
The second cover is a Jeanty cover, not a Richards cover. Unless you mean Richards does the interior?
Yes,I meant Richards continues as the interior artist.
I like the Noto cover. Probably his best one so far.

I'm already sick of Andrew just by reading the solicits.

And what's up with Georges? He seems to be doing a lot less this time around. Only 6 issues out of 9 so far. Also, I wish they had used some different guest artists for the fill in issues then the same ones from S8.

[ETA: 9 so far]

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On the side note - if you read the Avatar series, newly evilled Buffy-bot looks a lot like the visitor to (pregnant) Jessica Jones' office who sets her up for a case that almost kills her...
Oh, I so want the other Buffy to be from Normal Again-verse, in which Buffy got out of the asylum and married David Nabbit! I know it will never happen, but still...
@dorotea Are you talking about Alias?
Love both covers, but Noto's one made me think of a blonde Madeleine Stowe in Revenge (probably too much obsessed with that particularly series)
I also got a Dollhouse buzz off it too, specifically the episode "Haunted".
@Jelly Oops-yes. Was thinking Last Airbender today all day - Freudian slip. :)

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They could use this as a "Ringer" poster without the zompires. Interesting. I never thought that arm thing would stick. I think it wouldn't be a on the cover if it was really going to happen to real Buffy. I can be wrong, we'll see.
The arm thing as a temporary problem is exactly in the "we'd have done this on TV with the budget", IMO -- think "Bring on the Night". You don't think that if they could have afforded the effects of having the Turok-han rip Buffy's arm off and literally beat on her with it, knowing how much that oversell it as a villain and completely freak out the audience, when they can just Willow it back on later?

Here, they can't Willow it back on, but they can Luke Skywalker it.
Alternate timeline Buffy? This is seriously just the season of the fan-fiction tropes isn't it-- line em up, knock em down, one after another....
It's not a fan fiction trope. It's a trope, period. Black felt goatees for everyone!
Clearly this is the darkest timeline.
"It's not a fan fiction trope. It's a trope, period."

Yeah, I suppose that's true-- though outside of the world of fanfic pregnancy isn't really a trope so much as just a thing that happens, whereas inside....
Pregnancy's not a trope any more than death is. They both have a lot of tropes involving them though. A storyline about pregnancy is just that, a storyline. Maybe it's good, maybe it isn't. I don't really understand the conviction that the storyline must be terrible because it's about pregnancy when it's only just started.
I don't think we are walking down the alternative timeline road.
Wouldn't it be weird if the Buffy we saw in the first few issues was actually the Bot?
And then she names the baby half-bot Hera.
Sex with robots is more common than you think!
Very nice covers. Bothers me the fact that I think Buffy's head is bigger than her body in Jeanty's cover.
I'd kind of love for the 'other' Buffy to be the decoy who was dating the Immortal. It would fit with being part of Andrew's weird schemes and it would make for some really exciting tension. Not to mention the effect it would have on Spike to find out that the "Buffy" from "The Girl in Question" wasn't actually Buffy...
With the second cover Im thinking Rome Faux-Buffy has teamed up with Simone. Works with the solicit as well "Buffy has to face herself".... thoughts?

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