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February 02 2012

(SPOILER) Preview for Angel & Faith #7. Three-page preview courtesy of Comic Book Resources.

To the last page.How indeed.

So we finally see more in full what Angelus did to torture Dru before he turned her.
Nothing particularly new here that was not in the tv series flashback episodes. Not that it is not awful.
I hate to be too negative, but: one of the things I really liked about the flashbacks in the show is that any time a flashback happened, we got added information. So, for example, even though what Angel did to Drusilla was already known to us, when we actually saw it in "Dear Boy," we saw the role Darla played in it, and the way Drusilla marked a changing point in the Angel/Darla relationship, the point at which he had learned from her sufficiently to surpass her in evil plotting. I guess, for that reason, this preview disappoints me: there is nothing new here, besides showing us some scenes we had previously only heard about. But it doesn't give me any more insight into Angel or Dru or Darla. Compare, also, the incredibly deft use of flashbacks in season eight's "No Future For You," in which despite showing us a scene we have already seen -- the Graduation Day fight -- the comics spun it all around, and, with Faith's narration, gave us a totally new point of view.

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I want to be reading this whole book right now so badly.
I think the rehash is pretty standard comic book fare. Because Dru is going to be critical to the story, they want to make sure that the reader understands her significance to Angel and their history. Yes, it would have been nice if we learned something new, but I'm not sure what else there is to learn in this situation.
I haven't clicked on the link, but it's very possible that this is only part of the flashback. This isn't the entire issue. Of course, it could be the only flashback and I'll look moronic, but...

Oh I don't know, actually seeing a picture of a nun nailed to a cross kind of gave me a new perspective!


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