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February 03 2012

(SPOILER) CBR's Behind Buffy Season 9 with Andrew Chambliss. They discuss issues 3-5 and Chambliss give some spoilery bits about upcoming issues and developments as the season continues.

Thanks @buffyfanatic. It is an interesting interview. I have concerns that some of these season 9 events may not be fully explored (i.e. couch, not curb, bound Xander). He gives the impression that these happenings will mean something, but later in season. I hope that his intentions as stated make the jump to the narrative.
The comics have been woefully bad at balancing all the characters within the narrative for a long time now. It's one of the things I really dislike about them. Since about the half way mark of season 8 all the focus of the book has been pretty much entirely on Buffy. The other characters may be doing things but it's all off-screen or background stuff (e.g. Xander and Dawn getting together, Angel's decision to become Twilight, Giles and Faith's story-line), often talked about in interviews but not really explored in the pages of the book itself. You could kinda understand it being that way near the end of S8 when everything was rushing towards the climax, but with the start of a new season and the scaled back approach to S9 (and the fact there's only like 4 or 5 main characters) I had hoped we would have gotten a better balance with all the characters (early S8 wasn't too bad at juggling multiple character story-lines) but sadly it hasn't gone that way. So far. Still early days so I'm hopeful it will pick up steam in that regard.
I don't like his comment about Buffy going to Severin to have her powers removed... "wouldn't be something shed come to easily". Sounds like exactly what she'll do then
Re: unbalanced characters. I guess there just isn't enough room but I really miss Betta George.

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