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February 04 2012

Pics of James Marsters on the set of Metal Hurlant Chronicles. The live-action TV series is based on the French magazine Métal Hurlant.

I'm excited. Seems like it is going to be a "Twilight Zone" sort of series. I hope, since it is a French tv series, that I will be able to see it too.
I didn't realise it was an anthology series. I saw the trailer awhile back, looked good.
Oh doesn't he look amazing. I do hope we get this series over here at some point.
"Spike, you're covered with sexy wounds!"

Couldn't help and look for the next photos
I checked JMs page to find more info and saw that he's going to do a fantasy movie/TV-show called Dragon Warriors. It sounds awesome!

I love dragons! I love James Marsters!

But there was almost nothing about this project either, even though it says it aired episodes in 2010 already.

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