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February 05 2012

More Avengers anecdotes from Jenny Agutter. "It was so bizarre being on this big set in Santa Fe. I said as much to the director Joss Whedon and he whispered, "Shhh, I'm trying to appear cool.""

Why did Scarlett Johannson look so lonely, I wonder?
Wait. This is the greatest thing ever posted to Whedonesque.
zoinkers, maybe Johannson was practicing looking pouty, and it got confused with lonely?

Simon: This isn't fear. This is anger
Mal: Well, kinda hard to tell one from t'other, face like yours.

Oh, that would just be her default expression, then.
Maybe Ms. Agutter caught Scarlett on a bad day? Much as I'm sure that the main cast have bonded and all, she is the only female of the frontline cast and I'm sure it occasionally grated to be odd person out if the guys were trading stories or wanting to do stereotypical "guy" things that she might not have been up for.

Plus, while this is arguably unsubstantiated...there was some talk late last year that she was not adverse to reuniting with her ex-husband, difficult as that might be since he's dating someone else right now. I know I would be rather "sad puppy" looking if something reminded me that the ex-GF/wife was off making with the smoochies with another person, and pictures of Blake Lively + Ryan Reynolds together aren't exactly scarce to make it easier for her to avoid reminders.
Or, I suppose, it could be as simple as Ms. Johannson was preparing for an upcoming sad scene.
Or, I suppose, it could be as simple as Ms. Johannson was preparing for an upcoming sad scene.
corinna | February 06, 20:53 CET

Or there's that too, corinna. :D

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