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February 05 2012

The Avengers Extended Superbowl Spot. The commercial is now available to view on the Avengers Facebook Page or on YouTube.

That last bit in the extended version, with the Tony snark and the Hulk throwing himself at things? Holy hell.
Hulk smash Internet.
Love the hero-shot spinning around the group. Awesome.
WOW. This looks even better than I thought it would. !!!!! The Group Shot! Hulk smashing up shit! Ironman blasting through something! Just..pure awesome. I'm geeking like hell right now.
The baddies have armor, and three toes.
Three toes cannot save them, they are going DOWN!
I'm loving it. Even the reactions from people during the explosions. The group shot was great. Loki and Tony. Hulk looks fantastic. Going into coma until May 3rd.
Did that glimpse of Iron Man flying up into combat with the ship remind you of the space battle from Serenity? Same kind of spinning focus, like the camera is in a ship in the fight.
Overall, Loved the trailer on a ohboyohboyohboy level, but it didn't hang together very well. I suspect that's intentional, both to get lots of action scenes in and to keep people from figuring out the whole plot from the trailer (I hate trailers that give away the movie).

What I'm dying to see is the Whedony interaction between the characters, but that's only been hinted at so far.
I had to check to make sure I still had a pulse after that.
C.A. Bridges, I had that exact same thought.

This looks so fantastic. I love everything about it.
It rocked. Each character was there and it made sense. Wow.
Okay, this was kinda great.
That was very cool.
Yes! It's only three months away now? Freakin' hell, that seems like nothing after the wait we've had til now. AND we get CiTW in the meantime? Awesome. Seriously. This is our year...
Oh, Joss. I loved that group shot where everyone gets their weapons ready, Iron Man drops into place, and that it just casually ends with an "oh, yeah, and Hulks back there, too."
I think the Hulk turning in mid-air to punch a baddie's Sky-Doo is hard to beat for best moment.
Three toes, four fingers. I'm staking my claim to them being A-Chiltarians.
That's a relief, When I saw the group shot on my friends HD TV I thought it looked terrible, it's very composited. Seeing the youtube clip on my computer it looks much better. So here's hoping it's because of the settings on my friend's TV (which may be fine, but the format/codec/compression/etc... of the trailer might do better with different settings) rather than a lower quality version hiding the problems on youtube. So long as it looks good in theaters (easiest place for it to look bad) I'm happy.

Hulk's mid-air punch has me sold. Lots, and lots, and lots of other great moments!

Loki appears to be flying that first skiff in the beginning of the trailer. Green cape and golden horns on the pilot.
Yeah, definitely Loki. They will always be Sky-Doos to me.
I love that Tony is wearing a Black Sabbath shirt. <3
Lucas pioneered the idea of stationary cameras in space taking in action, Joss pioneered the idea of handheld cameras in space taking in the action, Abrams ripped it off for Star Trek, we see from the shots of Iron Man attacking a ship that Joss is taking it back. That's merely one take on the glorious WIN that this movie is going to be. AVENGERS ASSEMBLE!
They have a cave troll.

Sorry. But there's just something about Tony's "We have a Hulk" that reminded me of Boromir informing everyone that the orcs brought their big pet to play.

Love the spin around the assembled Avengers - very "Scoobies in the school hallway" moment from "Chosen."

I totally am going to see this in the theater. There aren't any IMAX around here, though, so it'll have to be regular ol' 2D. But it's Joss and it'll be epic no matter how many dimensions.
The 30-sec quicktime version is up:

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Holy Ultimates. What a great thing to wake upto.
It's great that so much is still unexplained with the film so close to release.

I liked the shot of Captain America protecting Black Widow with his shield (while Thor just has to cover his eyes). The group shot worked well - although given the scale of the threat, Black Widow loading her pistol seems a rather optimistic gesture.
Did that glimpse of Iron Man flying up into combat with the ship remind you of the space battle from Serenity?

Yes and judging by comments on Twitter, you weren't the only one.
MrArg, Did you miss Battlestar Galactica and Stargate Universe then?
I love it.

In the comics Black Widow was given a version of the Super Serum that made Steve Rogers into Cpt America. I'm hoping this at least gets alluded too.

However, I'm not lettting one tiny little fanboy wish, get in the way of the awesome I've just witnessed.
That looked fantastic.

Only thing I'm still not sold on, though, is Captain America's costume. It looked silly in his own movie and, judging from this trailer, it'll look different - but still silly - here.

But, as ever, that's just one minor detail in what's otherwise a boiling heap of awesomeness :). Very much looking forward to it!
Loved it! Much more excited than I was about ten minutes ago. And since I'll likely be on vacation with a very good scifi-viewing buddy on May 4, hold the phone, woo hooooo! Color me giggly and ecstatic.

ETA: Just had a thought: After the Avengers release, I wonder how many folks out there will want to know more about this Josh Whedon they keep hearing about.

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We have a Hulk, indeed.
For those in the UK and Australia, we get it in April. Hoozah!

I kinda dig so little information about the movie has been released. They don't need to do that, so shouldn't. Keep it a surprise.

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REALLY excited. I've been trying mightily to stay as spoiler free as possible and I'm so glad that this trailer supported my quest. It's sooooo hard not to look at all the stuff that shows up here and on the internet and with this I finally got to participate in the mutual anticipation a little bit.

Josh Whedon? Never heard of him.
Jaymii, I have seen a couple BSG episodes so I know they borrowed the technique as well. I have to say, having been on some fanboy sites that discuss this movie and have populations of decidedly mixed feelings on Joss, it is so gratifying to see the hatorz slowly eat their words as this very stealthy marketing campaign leaks more and more bits of awesomeness out. They'll be lining up two or three times for this one just like those of us who knew he'd knock it out of the park all along.

Still think Cap looks better in his new suit without the mask; for some reason it doesn't bring the outfit together the way it worked in the last movie.
Mind blown. I wish I could hibernate till May.
Doesn't anybody around this place have a short jump time machine? I'll even chip in my flux capacitor.
I wish was the version they'd shown last night, has a bit more personality to it. Still, I'm guessing they'll find time to run this and others between now and the big day. I hope they put in a bit more of the humor, dialogue side, I think that everyone understands and expects there will be some action.

Had not noticed the Black Sabbath shirt on first viewing. Nice touch.

Oh, and will all due credit to BSG and their space shooting techniques, Firefly came first (and as most of us know was done by the same effects company).
Sorry, I did have a time machine, but I mistakenly stored it's backup programming at Megaupload. And after that "small" wiring fire due to a surge of upwards of twenty-five gigawatts of electricity when I traveled back to the Serenity premier...I need to rebuild everything from scratch and I think that will take until at least mid June.
How many re-watches until it's considered obsessive? I'm asking for a friend.
I think this is going to be awesome. You can clearly see some character interaction "moments" there, especially in some of the looks and gestures. For example, the moment in this trailer where Tony and Captain America acknowledge each other with respect stands in marked contrast to the rancor between them in the earlier trailer. A great ensemble story has to include these evolving relationships. After all, the Avengers is as much or more about overcoming the various individual character flaws that keep these people from "assembling" (e.g., Tony Stark's ego, Steve Roger's naive patriotism, Hulk's anger management issues, Thor's godlike detachment) as it is about actually saving the world. No one can do this kind of story like Joss, I think. I just hope he has enough time to build the inter-character conflict necessary to make the ultimate "assembly" that much more satisfying. In other words, I'm hoping this runs longer than two hours, so that Joss has lots of time to do his character work.

Also, I love the "last stand" feel of the group when they are in that circular battle-ready position. Presumably, that is when everything will seem the most hopeless (the more seemingly hopeless, the better), and when they will nonetheless, marshall forces to save the day.

I think Joss will nail these points.
The best part of last night's commercials for me was this 30 second spot. I am so looking forward to this movie!
@BreathesStory: That's because WhoIsOmega? spelled it wrong... try Josh Weldon.
How many re-watches until it's considered obsessive? I'm asking for a friend.

At least forty. 25, 35 is totally normal. (My friend told me, I'm not into this weird stuff. Green men from space? Please, I'm an adult.)

My friend also told me that if you freeze it on that frame where Cap is blocking Widow from an explosion with his shield, while Thor stands beside them taking it and doing something with his hammer, is the most awesome thing ever, and he wants it as his desktop image.
Thor's nonchalantness in that frame is amazing. io9 have a frame-by-frame.
The noise was the same, in that clip with Ironman flying through the ships as it was when Serenity did it. Or I'm imagining it...
Wow, this gave me goosebumps -- I've never been that psyched for any movie! And we haven't even seen much character interaction yet (which is probably going to be the most awesome thing about the whole movie), but the brief moments we do see once again prove that Joss is a master when it comes to writing ensembles.

Also, nice to see some blocks getting busted -- am I the only one who thinks that the Hulk's scream sounds a bit like Chewbacca, though ;-)?
This looks fantastic! I cannot wait. What tickles me more than anything is that finally, a movie of this style and scope will (I am sure!) have a script of a quality that matches the size of the special effects budget. Only Joss could do this. Bless him. :)
Awesome. It even has Joss' fingerprints all over it.

The only thing missing is a Fillion or Lenk cameo. Come on Joss, I want to see Nathan trading barbs with RDJ!
It looks amazing. I think that I've already watched it about ten times, I can't seem to get enough of the Hulk at the end.
Can't wait, this summer is all about The Avengers (and The Dark Knight Rises). This movie is going to change everything and nobody is better for the job than Joss.

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